Gratis Kinexit dage i Smørum og Brønderslev

Dato: 18. januar 2022

Golf Fitness by Kinexit - a flexible and modern training concept.
Kinexit offers a flexible platform for PGA professionals to measure, analyze and share personalized training and mobility exercises. Just as a launch monitor quickly and easily measures the club head’s speed and position at impact, Kinexit provides direct feedback on the student’s fitness relative to the swing and automatically creates an action plan.
This technology is a critical component for many golf professionals and for Members of PGA Denmark who want to offer their students a flexible solution for Golf Fitness; Kinexit is opening up new Kinexit Onboarding Sessions.
When & where
- Wednesday 2/2 at Smørum Golf Club 
- Thursday 10/2 at Brønderslev Golf Club 
Who should attend:
- This session is free for new and existing Kinexit clients. Read more here if you’re not already a client.
What you will learn:
- The fundamentals in Golf Fitness.
- Kinexit's various assessments and screenings.
- How Kinexit AI designs individualized training programs.
- Full platform and feature review.
- Insights into how Kinexit is used and packaged in lessons.
- How Golf Fitness is communicated in various channels.
- Reserve your spot here or reach out to / +46 8 410 009 60 for more information.
All the best,
Chris Månsson
Cell: + 46 (0) 709 901 699
Phone US: +1 312 239 0431
Skype ID: Kinexit_Chris
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