Is speed training part of your student’s program?

Dato: 18. november 2019

Is speed training part of your student’s program?

Swing speed is a key indicator of success on the golf course. SuperSpeed Golf combines extensive research with practical applications to deliver increased swing speed for all golfers, from juniors to professionals. The 3-club system uses the science of underload/overload training to stimulate neurological changes associated with the speed of the golf swing.

Following the supplied training program, users of the product, on average, produce a 5% to 8% increase in swing speed.

SuperSpeed is a results-driven product, as evidenced by its use by more than 700 professional male and female tour players worldwide.

SuperSpeed is not, however, just for professionals. It helps juniors and amateur adults develop more speed, as well as maintain the performance of our senior users.

Incorporating SuperSpeed training into a student’s practice regimens, both in and out-of-season, will help you both achieve your desired outcomes.

PGA of Denmark member / partnership exclusive pricing including postage -

- 1 Men’s 3 club set for own use / coaching 205,00 Euro

- Wholesale Level 1 – A 3 Men’s set order 590,00 Euro (Retail value 737.97 Euro+)

- Sign up as an affiliate of and earn £30 per sale coming via your link to the site! No financial outlay, no stock holding/handling, no hassle! For more information or any questions on any of the above please contact

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