Nordic Golf League Qualifying School

Dato: 14. september 2021

First stage Denmark – Greve Golfklub 30. Sept – 1. Oct 2021
Venue / Dates:

Greve Golfklub 30. sept. and 1. Oct. 2021

Entry requirements:

Any player who wants to enter the Qualifying School must do so online prior to the entry deadline;
September 28th at 12:00
The handicap limit is 3,4.
Enter the tournament via
Entry fee:

The entry fee is €300 and includes eventual participation in the final stage
Entry deadline:

September 28th at 12:00
Fields and format

A player is free to choose in which country he want to play the first stage, 
A player is only allowed to participate in one (1) first stage venue.
Categories 2022: (From the 1st. stage)

From the first stage (in Denmark)
All players that are participating in the Danish Q-school will receive category 14 followed by their final position.
Category 14 applies on ECCO Tour tournaments throughout the whole season of 2022.
Categories 2022: (From the final stage)

Players in the final stage are competing for categories on the 2022 Nordic Golf League. At the conclusion of the Qualifying School final stage all players will be ranked according to score
– The leading 25 players (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 7 (or corresponding).
– Players with position 26-50 (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 9 (or corresponding).
– Players with position 51-last will earn category 12 (or corresponding).
Number of spots to final stage

A maximum total of 78 players will qualify to the final stage distributed as followed:Sweden: 42 players (shared on three courses)
Denmark: 22 players
Finland: 7 players
Norway: 7 players

In the event of a tie for the final stage spot(s), a hole-by-hole play-off will be played to determine the final positions.
If a player who is qualified for the final stage chooses not to play, that spot is not available for any player outside those who are qualified.
Prize money:

There is no prize money in the qualifying school

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